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Originally Posted 6/21/2014

wiki 1So last week was the very first time in my career that I had the opportunity to facilitate a professional development session for school librarians in my district.  Excited, honored, worried, nervous, and concerned are only a few of the emotions that went through me.  I wanted so much to make sure I had included all the resources needed to assist the attendees with their needs. What I covered in the presentation was:  1) the ins and outs of developing a broader website presence via the development of a library website to be either connected directly to the school site and / or embedded in the home page of Destiny; and 2) how to develop you own PLN.

I think the session was a success because no one was frowning, however there was a lot that needed to be covered in the 3 hour session that I realized could have literally been separated out into their own individual sessions.  The PLN session was the first half, and it alone required establishing personal accounts in 7 focus areas:  micro-blogging,  blogging/RSS, Social Bookmarking, Podcasts / Webinars, Wikis, Chats & text messaging,  and Photo- sharing. Slide30 To help me with the organization of this section of the PD, I used two presentations that were shared on Slideshare, which is one of business card 2014the sites I use in my own PLN.  Both dealt with conducting professional development anytime or anywhere and really helped me to organize my thoughts.  I used my own networking sites as examples, which include registering on LinkedIn and Learning and Professional Use Apps.

The second half of the session covered the development of  a school website to be embedded  in their Destiny home page.  The construction of the websites were to incorporate David Loertscher’s  Virtual Learning Commons (VLC) concept, which included 5 areas of focus:  1) The Information Center, 2) The Reading Center,  3) The Knowledge Building Center, 4) The Experimental Learning Center,  and 5) The School’s Culture.  According to Loertscher’s philosophy, these 5 concepts are vital in order to meet the technical and educational needs of the 21st Century learner.

I also referenced Jennifer LeGarde’s 2011 Library Girl blog post  which stated that all school library websites should contain: a focus on teaching; examples of student work; participatory learning opportunities; evolving resources; and flavor. I blended LaGarde’s concepts into Loertscher’s categories.  School librarians are able to earn 3 PD points for participating in the session and an additional 2 PD points once their sites are up and functioning.  I have made myself available by email and texting to whoever needs assistance and feedback, and I’m looking forward to their final products.

Participants commented on how motivational an example it was that I was able to use my own PLN to assist in the development of this presentation.

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