Keeping the Home Fires Burning Library & Shelf Mngmnt

We’re Gentrifying the Fiction Section!


These are the best labels. ..very sticky…once placed they don’t lift off easily.


As of July 28, here’s my first 3 shelves. Only about 100 shelves to go to ready them by the first day of school in Sept.















I started in June  a whole month ago and I finally have the Realistic, Romance, Historical, Sports, Short Stories, Urban Street, Mysteries, and Psycho-Thrillers separated out.

The Fantasy is a nightmare.  I had no problem separating out the Science Fiction and the Animal (Fantasy or Realistic, but as Protagonists).  The fantasy’s driving me crazy?!  I was going to separate the Dystopian and World Building from the rest, but EVERYTHING is WORLD BUILDING!  It’s a nightmare.

The best news is that my labels have arrived and I will hopefully have the books color coded before the kids come in September AND be on my way to making changes in the catalog without affecting the marc records for the district.  I do need to double check for action/adventure.

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