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Hey! If you’ve made it this far, my jabbery rants and raves have not scared you off!

My name is Sabrina Carnesi and I am the single librarian in Crittenden Middle School’s Marie Holland Library.  We are a science tech engineering and math magnet in Newport News, Virginia.  This year there are 945 students enrolled.  I am in my 34th year as an educator, having started in a nongraded independent school in Brooklyn,  and having only migrated to the library in 2007…not to say that the books have not been pulling me all the while.  I am obsessed with books and reading.  Ask any of the kids I’ve taught over the years!  My position as a schcool librarian totally feeds my addictive obsession.  I do have a penchant for YA literature…and thanks be my student body prefers YA over older children’s chapter books.

I have found that I will do almost anything to get hold of books.  I review for professional journals and serve on book committees. This has caused me to be quite popular with the UPS and mailman. I’m always finding books left on my doorsteps, which always serve as pep me ups on a blue day.  What do I do with review books I can’t use in my library?  Why I give them away!

My other obsession is knitting, for which I’ve been doing since grade school.  I’m what you call a multi-simul-task project knitter (my personal saying).  I start one project and meander to another…knitting according to what has priority in my mind at the current moment.  My book knit project that I have been working on for the past 3 years is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” scarf, named after the Douglas Adams’ book of the same title.  It’s a really a wonderfully cool scarf which ebbs and flows with a 42 tooth edge.  That’s right…42 teeth!  I’m at 31 finally, but haven’t worked on it for 3 months. Socks gloves, mittens and hats have taken priority, and I am seriously looking at a sweater pattern for me….which is earth shattering since I knitted my last sweaater in the mid eighties!.  Why 42?  Well in the book the answer to just about every question concerning the universe ends with the answer 42!

So here I am, with a need to talk about all things going on in my school library.   During this past year I switched my school library link to an independent site that connected several other blogsites for research, curriculum connection and book interest…all ran by me. I’m not trying to brag and I hope that’s not how I sound, I’m just celebrating my new independent freedom of expresseion.  My me-talks were turning into me-answer-backs.  No one but me was interested in what I just discovered in free apps for children.  No one but me really jumped for joy with the discovery of a new presentation format beyond PowerPoint.  No one but me cared to listen to me as I rung my hands over how slow the kids were with turning in their BYOD forms.   That’s when I knew I was loosing it, and needed to do something with my jabbering dialogues. So, I decieded to blog my thoughts and finds.  That way I can talk about collabortive experiences, technology, and books under one roof …as well as anything else that might cross my mind in library land!


  • mariehollandlibrary
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    Dr. Christopher A. Salerno says:
    August 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Ms. Carnesi, I was also born in Brooklyn, but in 1948. I am semi-retired as a Library Director for a suburban school district north of Dallas, TX. I began teaching online in 2000 and have continued with my avocation of preparing teachers to take up the banner as 21st Century school librarians working on their master’s degree; this is year 42. I inherited the School Library Intro course at my university in 2010, and my predecessor had identified your site as an outstanding example for aspiring middle school librarians. We have continued to visit your site over these last years; I am so impressed by how you—and consequently your website—continue to grow and evolve. Best wishes for your continued success and impact on the lives of students and the community.
    sabrina.carnesi says:
    August 4, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    The future for school libraries is to embrace technology not just as a learning tool but as an essential factor for carrying out the overall program. It’s the language of today’s students. I was given full reign over my library’s web presence exactly one year ago this month, and the website has become my strongest advocacy tool. Your words of support and encouragement are so appreciated! My posts and blogs have not been in vain! Your correspondance is like a “Happy 1st-Year Anniversity” card (doing a little jig as I respond to your comment)!
    Christopher A. Salerno, Ed. D. says:
    August 8, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Visiting you on the anniversary of my last comment (and, yes, my student teams are commenting on your leadership as I type). Thanks for sharing the White Paper. What a boost for school library programs if we could make that leap from Keith Lance’s statistical probability to actual causality! You mention “Leaders in the field, such as Professor Judi Moreillon of Texas Woman’s University.” It was Judi whose course I inherited and who first introduced me to your site! That’s only three degrees of separation. The course has continued to evolve, and so have you! Best wishes on your journey to the doctorate. I went from school librarian to principal to library coordinator to university teaching, all very different jobs that combine to support education. But I most admire my classroom colleagues and school librarian colleagues who continue after achieving that degree to do what they have always done best: work face-to-face with learners. We need the very best professionals and leaders in our classrooms (including the library classroom) moving practice and the profession further forward into the exciting 21st Century. Wherever your journey takes you, you will be an asset!
    Sabrina Carnesi says:
    August 10, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Thank you so much for utilizing my site. It’s such an honor to have you revisit. I’m finding that my site evolves as I evolve. My biggest transformation this year is actually the ‘research advice’ tab on the main page. I’ve moved all the helpful links to a LiveBinder this summer. I can’t wait to observe the impact this has on the students. Hopefully, they will be able to successfully access the tools and it leads to a better research experience. I am so excited about my new grad beginnings, too. Each class is literally remolding me. This year I’m excited about the my fall. doctoral classes. I’ve registered for “Historical and Contemporary Perspectives” and “Frameworks for Best Practices in School Libraries.” The frameworks class is part of the new NxtWave program (http://www.nxtwave.org) and will focus on examination of the AASL National Standards which, as you know, are currently being updated. I’ve thought about where the future roads will lead me and I am in total support of your perspective on maintaining a link to learners. Ideally, I would like to stay in K12 after finishing my studies while teaching in higher ed but I’m prepared to move forward, for I have promised myself to go where the critical need leads me.

  • mariehollandlibrary
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    Submitted on 2015/01/08 at 1:04 pm

    Thanks so much for reviewing Being Frank with Anne. I found your review just now when I googled my books. What a wonderful surprise to see the review on your page! I’m glad you liked my book. It was a moving experience to write. I actually got a copy signed by Miep Gies before she passed away and it was reviewed by her cousin, Buddy Elias. Quite a journey writing that book. I always admired Anne’s strength and positive attitude in adversity. Have a great week!

    Phyllis Johnson

    • mariehollandlibrary
      February 22, 2015 - 1:17 pm | Permalink

      Dear Phyllis,
      Sorry for the delayed response. This sight has been compromised and I am switching over to another sight by copy pasting my old posts. You’re welcome for the review. I have included your book in our collection of books in verse for our poetry unit and it is being checked out frequently by students and faculty. One student us using it as a companion read to the diary just as it was meant to be by reading it simultaneously. I can’t wait to hear her input.

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