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Dewey Need to Come to a Consensus?

Originally Posted February 11, 2014 The absolute longevity of Melvil Dewey’s Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) is a key concept th [...]

Intellection Freedom (IF): Totally Understood / Totally Not Applied!

Originally Posted 1/18/2014 There has not been much written on IF in the past 3 years since September 2010’s Knowledge Quest Issue tha [...]

Gettin’ It in With My Book Order

Originally Posted on 1/11/2014 Well, I  finally got my book order completed right before, and I mean right before I walked out of the build [...]

Is This Year’s Book Budget Gone w/the Wind Fabulous, or Simply Poof, Gone w/the Wind?

Originally Posted 11/o7/2013 This year we have finally felt the budget crunch.  There has been limitations put on book purchases with monie [...]

YALSA Book App Was Big Conversation at VLS in Williamsburg

Original Post September 26, 2013 This afternoon I helped man the YALSA table at the Virginia Public Library Conference [...]

Getting Tech Out to Students

  Originally Posted September 9, 2013 I am using Google Docs to help the students learn how to navigate through the website for the lib [...]

Virtual Orientation

Last year I created an orientation video (part 1 & 2) with Photo Story.   Comprehension questions were embedded throughout the video. [...]

Split Pic

Originally Posted July 31, 2013 This summer while chaperoning middle schoolers through Europe, I was introduced to Split Pics by one of the [...]
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