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How Far Does Censorship Go?

 link to a 29 June 2016 article in the Chesterfield (Virginia) Observer that is a continuation of the 1st Amendment challenges to Intelle [...]

Gettin’ It in With My Book Order

Originally Posted on 1/11/2014 Well, I  finally got my book order completed right before, and I mean right before I walked out of the build [...]

Is This Year’s Book Budget Gone w/the Wind Fabulous, or Simply Poof, Gone w/the Wind?

Originally Posted 11/o7/2013 This year we have finally felt the budget crunch.  There has been limitations put on book purchases with monie [...]

Getting Tech Out to Students

  Originally Posted September 9, 2013 I am using Google Docs to help the students learn how to navigate through the website for the lib [...]

What am I Geeking on Lately?!

Originally Posted April 14, 2013 …our school Geek Squad!  OMG! I am so proud of them! We organized as a group in December 2013. At f [...]

Book Fair-900 Plus Students-One Librarian

Originally Posted April 10, 2013 This week is our buy one get one book fair.  I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out.  [...]

NoodleTools in Forencis [...]
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