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2015aasl PHOTO AASL National Conference Session Handouts


In the Margins Top 10 F and NF Annotated Bibliography 2015 Award / In the Margins PowerPoint PDF Top 10 F and NF Award 2015 / Urban Underground Session Handout 2015




2015 Regional and 2014 State Presentations

Handouts for YA Underground:  ITM Book BibliographySchool Library Journal IIn the MarginsTM Article;   Public Libraries Article SepOct 2014


Handouts for NSLPY:  NSLPY 1 2 3 NALPYSample Submission;  NSLPY Mission Statements Sample AlignmentNSLPY Blank ApplicationNSLPY Award Rubric



Intellectual Freedom


Handouts for We’ve Been Challenged:  LMC 2014 Guide for Book Challenge ;  We’ve Been Challenged 2014 Brochure 




National Presentations

June 29,     2008 AAUPC-Span TV 2008 “Best of the Best from University Presses”(starts at 00:33.18)
November 6, 2009
June 27, 2010
AAUPC-Span TV 2010 “Best of the Best from University Presses”(starts at 01:11.10)
September 2010 AASL Webinar- Using the Planning Guide with “School Libraries Count!”   This webinar shows how to personalized results to advocate for your school library program.   View slides from presentation view pdf

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